Join Yottaman, the most powerful hero ever, in his quest to save the world from crime. He'll get even more powerful with time, with no limit. After all, the more power you have, the best it is, right?!

How to play

Move with WASD or the arrow keys. Aim with the mouse. Shoot with click.

Yottaman gets more powerful with time: bullets will start to bounce in his body back to his opponents, and his lasers will get more and more powerful. Cool, right? More and more power! Everything will be fine, right?


Tips white_check_mark

  • When in “Dangerous” power, bounced bullets and your laser will set the scenario on fire! If you create too many fires, you’ll lose!
  • When in “Apocalyptic” power, your power destroys the planet with a single mistake! Evade those bullets and aim well!
  • To win, destroy all the  enemies (including those in the scenario)!
  • Have fun!

Originally developed during Ludum Dare 40 (Compo).


Yottaman (Windows) 13 MB
Version 2 Dec 08, 2017
Yottaman (Ludum Dare 40 Compo, Windows) 15 MB
Version 4 Dec 07, 2017

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